Europe, of course

I could not sleep last night, because I was thinking about my son’s first haircut that happened yesterday. I miss his curls and don’t think they will every come back. I know I need to get over it, but I simply cannot. 

I don’t know how this starting my business is going to pan out, I usually spend the time that I am here writing, searching for job prospects and clients, but instead here I am writing away. 

This “time” I say is of course while my 17 month old sleeps, because the other part of the day is spent watching his every step!

So, let me get to it.. todays challenge was as follows:

If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?

This is a tough one, well in a sense. But, here is my answer,

I would go back to Europe, but this time bring my ENTIRE family. This includes my immediate and non immediate, my family that lives in San Antonio and those that do not. Oh, yes and a few select good friends as well. When my husband and I traveled Europe was one of the best times in my life! So, my thinking is why not bring my family and friends to share in the joy that I had at that time in my life.  It will be an even greater time because my baby boy will be there to share in the joy. I can see him now,  running in the meadow watching the sheep at the foot of the mountains in Switzerland. Or, running up and down the beer hall in Munich dancing to the beat of the German music.  Ahhhh, a girl can dream, right?

The end. Gotta run and do some more applications and eat lunch before I forget!

OH, and todays marathon training includes… 1  hour boot camp! And, I think my husband will be able to join me today, because my mom will be here to watch Lincoln!


P.S. My mind was not on a business mind set today, so that is reflected in my answer, can you tell?



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Day 1: Did someone say challenge?

I am starting this blog for four reasons:

1) As part of the 30 day challenge presented by, The Suitcase Entrepreneur.  Special thanks to Veronica, for sending me this way.

2) To detail my journey into starting my own business. An event planning business that is. I’ve decided that August 2013 is the month that I will go out on the venture to become independent!

3) To detail my training for my first FULL marathon. I’ve ran 7 half marathons, but that’s nothing compared to my first FULL!

4) To note some day to day memories about my precious baby boy.

This blog will share my story of beginning my own business amidst the craziness of being a mother and a runner! This blog will also be turned into my business website, eventually.

My oh my, I realize I am asking a lot from this blog, but together with this challenge it will happen! I am a little worried. But, I am ready, as every day is a challenge, and I will overcome.

Just like I survived my sons very first haircut today. He kicked, screamed, yelled, and had snot running all down his nose. But, grandma was their to the rescue and we conquered the day. 

I also ran three miles today with my run group, including over a mile of hills. Plus, did endurance exercises which included wall sits and some jump roping.

30 day blog challenge here I come!