The Kindle

Day 9:

Whose online business do you admire most and why?

Top Tip: Feel free to name a person or a major brand whose business you admire and specific reasons why. If you want to you can also tackle this challenge by adding in two things you could do to get you closer to having a similar business right now.

This one is a little difficult, as I don’t think I’ve perused or seen enough online business or brands that I admire enough to be my favorite. I know I can probably pick a mainstream business that I admire, but thatĀ I think would defeat the purpose, well atleast in my case.

But, what this has taught me is that I need to peruse other “event contractors” websites and see what I like about them, and how I can model after or improve based on what I see. I started to do this briefly to begin the creating of my website, but nothing really sparked my eye. But, that only means I MUST dig deeper and research more.

Thank you for Day 9, it allowed me to realize that I need to do more research so I can find out what business I admire the most?

On another note, boot camp went well today. Ab intense. This weekend I need to gear up for 13 miles.. not feeling it currently.

Today, my son receivedĀ his first package in the mail, its a Kindle! He’s just about 18 months, but it seems like a good buy so far (the last 35 minutes). Can’t believe the kid is getting so big.

P.S. I know my blog titles are very random, but its a reflection of my personality, one of these days I will actually have them make more sense and actually reflect my entire post.


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