Hard Core

Day 7 of 30 Day Blog Challenge - Tools and ResourcesDay 7:

So I asked myself, what are the tools I need to create my perfect lifestyle?

First and foremost, I hate to say it, but I cannot survive without my smartphone. It keeps me going. I use it to check my email, pay my bills, plan my day, take notes, etc. I’m lost without it. I’m not sure how I survived before.

I also need exercise, to include my weekly running and boot camp classes. As much as I dislike strenuous, hard core exercises, I know its what keeps me going.

Yesterday was a boot camp day, and yesterday my son decided he was going to stay up until well after 1am. I was tired as heck when I initially woke up, but now I’m still going. I honestly think its due to boot camp class. If I would have sat at home, I would be extremely tired.

So, now the actual Day 7 question, Which key tools will you turn to regularly to maintain your mindset and how will you use them effectively?

1) Exercise

2) Smart Phone Technology

3) Support of Friends and Family


I will have to finish this post another time, my son is climbing on my legs and wanting to type too. Until next time.


P.S. I still have not been able to tackle the challenge of writing about my perfect day. I think I may have to do it timeline style and write what I would do in a block of hours. I’m so used to sticking to timelines, so that is just what I may have to do. We shall see. I’m still thinking @NatalieSession. I will not let you down, I promised you a post on my perfect day, and it will come!


3 thoughts on “Hard Core

  1. Hi Kathy! I’m Katie from NJ, also doing the blog challenge for my site, socialjersey.com. I’m getting married next year and hopefully having kids in the next few. I’ve been hoping to get the perspective of a mom who is trying to start her own business with a small kid. I also love running and constantly think about if I’d REALLY stick to it after I have kids. How do you do it? Lots of coffee? Also – I left my smartphone off my tools list but really should’ve added it. It changed EVERYTHING. It’s a mobile media center. Worth it.

    • Hi Katie, thanks for writing. The new business thing is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. So, its all happening in baby steps. The way I manage with the baby is taking it one day at a time. Hes almost 18 months, but still.a challenge. I do not have super mom powers like alot of these momma bloggers I read about. But I have learned that all you need to.focus on is your baby, dont stress over what others are doing, because it will make you crazy. And, the runninig, well its hard, but since you love to do it, then you will find a way to keep it in the mix. The running actually soothes my son while he’s in the stroller, so whatever works, I do! The funny thing is I actually don’t love to run, I run because its simple and its the one thing that most of the time doesn’t feel like exercise. But, I’m a little crazy when it comes to.it, I ran a half marathon almost 7 months preggo, fairly quickly too. You can follow that journey on my personal blog, runcrazedpreggo.blogspot.com.
      It seems like you and I will soon have a lot in common, so do not hesitate to ask me any pre-mom or pre- marriage questions, that is if you want the perspective of an ordinary, non super mom, lol!

  2. It’s so awesome that you are still taking time for you! It’s very inspiring. I don’t really know any new moms I can talk to – your blog is fascinating! I can’t believe you ran a half marathon 7 months pregnant. I always think about whether or not I’d want to run while pregnant. Do you think it helped your pregnancy at all? I have anxiety and exercise is one of the ways I combat it, so I’m kind of worried about possibly not being able to run during the 9 months. I already told my fiance we’re splurging on a good jogging stroller. PS. I think you are a super mom!

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