Reduction in Force

Day 6 Blog Challenge to accept in 3 easy steps

1. Write a response blog post to this question:

What are my three priorities for the next 30 days that will move me closer towards living life on my own terms?

This one is hard, but its good. I think I’m scared to commit to three things because I feel like I won’t have enough time. But, I will.

Three priorities for the next 30 days

1) Make a website for my own business, whether it be a blog website or a “real” one that I get professional help with. Just, something to let people know that I am available to “runevents”.

2) Design and print professional business cards that have my business name on them. Something that reflects “ME”!

3) Begin to tell my family and friends about my new adventure (starting my own business) and also let them know that my working at UTSA chapter in life has come to a close for the time being.

I’ve only told a few people that I was part of a Reduction in Force at my former job. I think its because I am scared to offer explanations. But, truly, I know that the RIF was not about me, it was about our department as a whole. I was one of 20 people let go in my office. And, it was actually perfect timing for me and my new adventure. So, its time to let everyone know.

So, above is what I am going to focus on, and I did follow the tip, “Focus on the ones you believe are a stretch, but achievable.”  Though, some of the above may seem easily achievable when reading, to me, they are a bit of a stretch. They are a stretch because I am having trouble coming up with a theme for the business. Hence, making the website and business card creation a little difficult.

But, I trust that I will achieve them.  Any tips, on creating a website, business cards, and letting the world know you were let go of your job and starting your own business are appreciated.

I mean, I am looking for a “real” job as well, but I am being very picky, as I want one that will let me be independent and make me happy.

30 day challenge


2 thoughts on “Reduction in Force

  1. Hey Cathy,
    Great stuff, so fascinating to hear about the struggle of “coming out” to your family as an entrepreneur. I’ve never even thought about how difficult could be in certain situations. As for the website thing I would totally suggest just getting a hosted wordpress blog. I go through blue host, it’s not to expensive and it’s about as easy to set up as the wordpress your using now with the added benefit of having a personalized url and the ability to sell on site if need be. As for the search for your theme or look or what not it might help to niche down a bit more on what your doing. What kinds of events do you do? What kinds of folks do you like to work with? What are the favorite events you’ve work on. Just a few ideas that might shed more light on a definite direction.
    Cheers, Cotey

    • Thank you Cotey for this direction. I NEED it. I will work on answering the questions you pose above. While I think I know the answers to them, I need to try to really figure out the answers.

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