The Garmin

Day 5: How to create your perfect day in work and play

Today I woke up at 5:45am to run 10 miles of my marathon training with my run group. I am utterly exhausted. See, I live in South Texas, so the weather is not the best at this time. So, training for a marathon does not come easy. The good news is, I finished. At 11:00 minute pace. This was great considering we stopped a lot and I never stopped “The Garmin”.

On to answer the question above. A perfect day for me would be:

1) Sleeping in

2) Having a personal shopper/stylist  organize my closet and pick out all my outfits for the day in advance.  Because, then I would look fabulous all of the time, right?

3) Having access to the beach so I can “run” to it whenever I wanted. Aww, my son is so happy when he’s in the water, and so is his mommy.

4) Did someone say work? Yes, ideal work day= super organized desk, a boss that understands (myself, right?), and working with a staff who knows how to make quick decisions. Oh, and NO LAST MINUTE STUFF, it MAKES me crazy! Of course, I know how to overcome but, still!!!!

 5) I would like to spend the ideal day with my family, ALL of them. We are so much fun when we get together as a group, I feel if they were with me all of the time, I would be so much happier each day.
However, I must say, I have it made, at this current time. I spend time with my mom and my son each and every day. Its heavenly- watching them together.  One of the beauties of not having an 8am-5pm job! Quality time with my mom and son that I will NEVER get back!

2 thoughts on “The Garmin

  1. Hi Cathy congrats to you on your superstar running efforts. I’d love to see you writing out your idea day in the I form – and really making it crystal clear from start to finish. This makes it much more real and powerful than a collection of a few things you’d like to do if you could. Also thank you for attempting to put the badge on your page. Since it’s HTML code try pasting it into the HTML tab of your blog post, or simply upload the image and linking it to the URL for the blog challenge – both of those links are within the code you’ve pasted above!

  2. Thank you Natalie, I sure will, write out my idea in the “I” form. I will also reattempt the badge.
    Thanks for reading out of the thousands of posts you have, I have no idea how you do it all!

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