Day 4:
What is your definition of location independence?

Honestly, I do not have a true answer to this question. To me, I suppose an independent location is: not being tied down to having to go into an office every day from 8am-5pm. Its being able to work while doing ANYTHING!

I mean, I worked from home while I was on bed rest with my son, and I got SOOOO much done! I was employed with a State University as an Event Manager, and I realized that there was so much I could do from home and actually feel extremely productive. It was tough, because I could not move away from my lap top and could only walk a few steps per day. But, it helped me become so much more productive.

I worked from home post C-section as well, and it was awesome. Lots of stuff done, and basically worked 24-7. I had my smart phone, so I made phone calls, answered emails, and gave direction while I was doing almost anything. Breastfeeding, rocking my child, eating, watching TV, etc.

I guess, being able to have the independence to do what I want when I want is my definition of location independence?

PS, Sorry if these are so short and not exactly answering the full question, but I am doing the best I can with the brain power I have left. I think I should call this blog “Exhaustion” because that is how I feel every time I write. Well, today at least.

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