I woke up today very tired. My Lincoln decided he wanted to stay up until midnight as happy as can be roaming around the house and jumping up and down. Awww. A day in the life of a one year old!

Today’s question is: What’s your definition of freedom in business and adventure in life?

This is going to be brief, as I am exhausted, and need to go get changed for marathon training with my run group. Plus, find a new outfit for Lincoln since his last one got bananas all over it. But, Daddy is home from work, so I have some time.

I had time earlier during his nap, but I decided to apply for a few jobs, just to see how it goes. You’d be amazed how much time it takes to apply for a job. I’m exhausted! That’s why I am hoping and praying that this independent thing of mine, works out!

So, here is goes, my definition of freedom in business and adventure in life:

1) Being able to make my own schedule and go and come as I please

2) Being surrounded by “fun” people ALL of the time

3) Being able to take a nap whenever I feel like it

4) Sitting on the beach with country music blaring and my choice of beverage in my  hand

5) Having a clean house all of the time

6) Being able to pretend that I am still in college “sometimes”.

7) The city of Chicago, which is where I went to college and where I met my husband and where I worked at my very first “real” job always makes me feel free and adventurous.

Ok, that’s all folks. Not sure, if that’s 250 words, but I literally gotta “run”.

Yesterday’s boot camp rocked! My husband joined me and loved it. The couple that sweats together stays together. 🙂

Today is track/sprint training and we have a special guest physical trainer joining us. She is going to test our running form and answer any questions we have.

Until next time. Sorry, if I am way off topic. But, I tend to just vent sometimes.

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5 thoughts on “Chicago

    • Good luck on your half marathon journey. Yes, training for my first full is quite a challenge but I’m managing somehow. Is this your first half marathon? If you every have questions, need advice just let me know. You may also find my running blog interesting,

      • Thanks! Your runcrazedpreggo blog is amazing and encouraging, I’m not a runner at all and this is my first half-marathon. It’s a huge challenge but stories from others are certainly encouraging and I’ll take all the advice I can get!

      • Thanks for the compliment on my blog. I have a lot of fun with it. When is the half you are training for? And, I will send you advice based on where you are in your training. : )

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